Reviewers Liked

  • Sleek and slim design, Fast and accurate AF system, Vivid color production, Tiltable LCD screen
  • Built-in stabilisation works with any lens, Excellent all-round image quality, Highly customisable, Good range of movie exposure modes, Fast startup and AF response
  • Broad feature set aimed at enthusiasts; tilting LCD, nicely implemented filters; good performance; excellent raw photo quality; cheaper than the E-P3
  • Very good photo quality (though see issues below), Relatively compact body, with mostly solid construction; comes in four colors, Sensorshift image stabilization, Articulating 3inch LCD display with 460,000 pixels, good outdoor/low light visibility, Very
  • Metal body, fast autofocus, wireless flash ability, good lower ISO image quality
  • Fast autofocus; speedy shooting speeds; very good image quality; excellent build quality
  • Gorgeous, Compact, yet solid, Fast autofocus
  • Tilting 3-inch LCD, Fast autofocus system, In-camera artistic filters, Accessory port for optional EVF

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Image noise starts to show above ISO800
  • Video performance disappoints; lack of a camera grip may be annoying
  • Noise reduction smudges details and mottles the sky at times, even at base ISO, Some highlight clipping, Low light focusing could be better, No sensorshift IS in movie mode; AF system slow to react to moving subjects, Lacks a builtin flash; included exter
  • Continuous and Tracking focusing speeds, no builtin flash (included hotshoe mount version instead), 16:9 ratio screen makes for small 4:3 image preview, high ISO image quality
  • Autofocus is not always as accurate as EP3
  • Still on the pricey side, Jelly vision video, Difficult to tweak manual settings
  • High noise at ISO 1600 and above, No built-in flash, Menu system is unintuitive and can be slow