Reviewers Liked

  • Outstanding feature set and shooting options; fast shooting performance
  • Wide-angle, 24x optical zoom lens, Effective optical image stabilization, Good lens quality for the focal length range, Loads of scene, color and film modes, Full HD AVCHD video recording, Ability to zoom while recording videos, Ability to make adjustm
  • Mode wheel has very distinct indents so the camera doesn’t accidentally switch modes. LiIon battery rather than AAs. Stereo microphone. Nimble RAW shooting
  • Excellent video quality; wide array of exposure options; external microphone jack; speedy performance; articulated LCD

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Menu system can get confusing; JPEG photo quality tanks at ISO 400
  • No automatic lens cover, Pop-up flash not automatic, Flash underexposes in field use, Multitude of options can confuse, Fairly limited Playback options, Chromatic aberration is moderate in JPEGs at wide-angle, Overaggressive default noise suppression d
  • Underwhelming video and picture quality, Not worth $499
  • Soft image quality using default settings, Poor high ISO performance, Need to tweak the processing for best results
  • Poor image quality above ISO400. Electronic viewfinder is a throwaway afterthought. Expensive
  • Not as much zoom range compared with similar models; picture quality dips from ISO 800 onward
  • Expensive, no eyelevel sensor for EVF/LCD switching, image quality fairly grainy, lack of sharpness at longest telephoto