Reviewers Liked

  • Fast lens. 11fps burst mode. Accessory port for optional EVF. Shoots in Raw. Short shutter lag. 1080p60 video
  • Fast lens, one stop faster than predecessor, Lens sharp corner to corner, Image stabilization is rock-solid, Very close Macro mode, Very wide lens at 24mm, The lens is "the stuff of camera-lover dreams", Fast autofocus and shutter lag, Very f
  • Very bright f1.4-2.3 zoom lens, Dedicated aperture control ring, 11fps full-resolution burst shooting, Close 1cm macro focus, Shallow depth of field for macro shots
  • Polished and refined design, excellent lens with ultrafast aperture, plenty of features, option to add an EVF
  • Excellent photo quality, with less noise than typical compact cameras, Super fast F1.42.3, 3.8X optical zoom Leica lens allows for better low light shots, more background blur, Multiaspect sensor maintains the same focal length at all four aspect ratios, 3inch rotating LCD with 920,000 pixels, very good outdoor/low light visibility, Full manual controls with RAW support, numerous ways to adjust w
  • UltraBright F/1.4 2.3 maximum aperture, Very low image noise, Good lens sharpness, Low optical distortion, Excellent resistance to chromatic aberrations, Ultrafast autofocus, Instant shutterlag, Fast shottoshot speed, Smooth highquality video capture, Exc

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Limited zoom range. Soft images at telephoto extreme. Noisy images at ISO 1600 and up. Control buttons are difficult to read
  • Short telephoto lens at 90mm, Physical aperture ring can confuse, as maximum aperture changes when you zoom, Sluggish startup, Slow buffer clearing, does not appear to be UHS-I compliant, Battery life not as good as predecessor, Slightly below average
  • Cap obsctructs lens on power up, Limited Creative Control effects, Aperture ring redundant in some modes, No Wifi, GPS or touch-screen
  • Good screen but needs to be even better to match rivals
  • Redeye a problem; no removal tool in playback mode, Takes a long time (30 seconds) for camera to flush the buffer after a burst containing RAW images is taken, Vertical stripes in panoramic images, Cheapfeeling rear dial doesn't rotate smoothly; flimsy door over battery/memory card compartment, Full manual on CDROM (it's not very userfriendly, either)
  • Belowaverage Auto WhiteBalance, Low color accuracy, Halfpress required for ExposurePriority and correct LiveHistogram, Slow optical zoom, Slow noisereduction, Modal EC control, 1s Filming delay, 1s Missing from videos, Accidentprone aspectratio slider, Po