Editors Liked

  • Excellent image quality, full manual controls
  • Wide-angle megazoom with sensor-shift image stabilization, Compact body for its class, Good build quality, Command dial, Generally good placement of controls, Very fast prefocused shutter lag, Low geometric distortion (automatically corrected in-camera
  • Light weight, Enormous zoom range, Generally accurate exposure system, Clarity at lower sensitivities, Image stabilistion

Editors Didn't Like

  • Poor LCD and viewfinder resolution
  • Soft corners at wide-angle, Detail drops off noticeably at telephoto, Zoom control is too fast, Menu navigation is confusing, Menu font can be difficult to read, Poor low-light focusing, though AF assist helps, Slowest shutter speed is only 4 seconds,
  • Quality it higher sensitivities, Barrel distortion at wide end of zoom range, Slow AF at telephoto end, White balance performance under fluorescent light