Editors Liked

  • Solidly built metal casing. Design is both aesthetically pleasing and very comfortable to shoot with. The 1855mm kit lens is optically stabilized for better images at slower shutter speeds. In manual focus mode, LED display automatically zooms to the focus point so you can achieve a more accurate focus. Lots of smart filters and a good panorama shooting mode,
  • With excellent raw photos for a sub-$1,000 model, a nicely designed user interface, and a broad set of sharing features, the Samsung NX210 is a solid option for enthusiast photographers
  • Very good image quality, Compact, welldesigned, solidly built body, Gorgeous 3inch AMOLED display, Excellent WiFi implementation, Attractive, easytouse interface with help screens for every option, Full manual exposure controls, plus white balance finetuning/bracketing, and RAW support, Smart Auto selects the right scene mode for you; plenty of special effects available, Realtime panorama stitchi
  • Good image quality with very high resolution and good detail at base ISO, Well-designed and intuitive user interface, suitable for point-and-shoot users and enthusiasts alike, Good customizability including the useful iFn button, Attractive all-metal body with good build quality, 8fps continuous shooting at full resolution (but limited and slow buffering), Responsive overall operation, focus ac

Editors Didn't Like

  • No builtin flash. No flash control button, so you’ve got to use the function button and then scroll to the flash icon to change or adjust the flash output. Slow RAW processing. The WiFi functionality would benefit from a touchscreen. Android apps aren’t compatible with many phones and tablets
  • Its autofocus is a bit slow for the price and the JPEG processing could use some work
  • Burst mode woes: camera locked up while saving to memory card, display lags behind the action, small amount of buffer memory, OLED display can be difficult to see outdoors, A bit pricey, Camera's small size becomes moot when a zoom lens is attached, Colors were flat on occasion (RAW seemed to take care of that, though), No builtin flash means that external flash must travel with you, Electronic v
  • Longer than usual processing times after taking raw shots (but improved over NX200), Fairly aggressive noise reduction starts blurring detail at lower ISOs and mixes with high levels of chroma noise at higher sensitivities, No live view feed in continuous shooting, No access to battery and memory card when mounted on a tripod, Limited highlight range with Smart Range feature turned off, Excessi