Reviewers Liked

  • The Samsung SH100 has features tailor-made for people wanting the functionality of their smartphone camera in a point-and-shoot
  • Small and lightweight, Wireless sharing capabilities, Very good image quality
  • Great image quality and features for the price, Very small and light, Funtouse shooting modes, Wireless sharing and remotecontrol features
  • Affordable, well featured
  • Simple and quick wireless media uploading, Amazing photo quality, Impressive battery life, Amusing photo editing options
  • Sharp images. Robust wireless-transfer features. Can use the display on a Samsung Galaxy phone as a remote viewfinder
  • Compact size, Fun creative options, User friendly interface

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The SH100's low-light photos are not good and its performance can be slow. Also, wireless uploads are limited to 2-megapixel photos and 30-second low-res movie clips
  • Mediocre low light image quality, Below average video quality, Touchscreen responsiveness issues
  • Touchscreen can be unresponsive, Has a toylike build, Uses MicroSD cards for storage, Digital stabilization only
  • Irresponsive touchscreen
  • Complicated menus slow down useability, Video quality leaves a little to be desired, Limited destination options for uploading photos
  • Poor low-light performance. Sluggish boot and recycle times. Wireless video transfers to YouTube are limited to QVGA resolution
  • Picasa access, but not Flickr, Lengthy shutter delay, Poor low light performance