Reviewers Liked

  • Tool-Free Drive and PCI Bays, Good Airflow thanks to Massive Side-Panel Fan, Front Bezel has a nice Rubberized Finish
  • Quiet Fan, Easy installation, Well made, Cools well, Lots of room
  • Engine Start button is just plain cool, 400mm fan. nuf' said, Great two tone look, Toolless design
  • Screwless design, Excellent air flow, Sleek design
  • Tons of air flow
  • Stlyish, nice color scheme

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Front Plastic Cover a bit Flimsy, Rear Fan Not Included
  • Thin, slightly flimsy construction, Expansion card retention mechanism could use improvement, Expansion bay alignment issue, Slightly cramped interior, Needs more open ventilation, Door latch, More complete manual, please
  • No other fans included, No dust filter, Expensive, Plastic PCI slot locks, Motherboard tray not removable
  • Wish the inside was painted instead of the plain grey, Hard drives could be rotated towards the side panel
  • External USB connectors too close to one another, Expensive, Lacks external exhaust fan, Lack of speed control for 40cm fan
  • Doesnt include exhaust fan
  • Price might be a bit high, almost into full tower territory