Reviewers Liked

  • Build Quality, Design (For Some), Top SATA Port, Top Storage Tray, 2 USB 3.0 Ports, Airflow Levels (Up To Five 120mm Fans), Magnetic Side Air Filter, ToolLess Design, Spacious Interior (For A Midi Tower), Price Tag (For Some)
  • Futuristic version of original BUC, Excellent quality, Plenty of space for large mainboards, graphics cards and CPU coolers, Includes three fans, Hotswap SATA bay on top, All intake area fans come with dust filters (our sample did not have the one on the side panel), Plastic locking mechanism for expansion cards works surprisingly well, Locking "pins" for optical bays hold drives in place well, E

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Slight Upgrade To The Original BUC, No HotSwap 3.5" Drive Trays
  • Hard drive trays hard to remove and replace, Hard drive trays require assembly before use, HDD cage may not be removed, Breakout covers for motherboard expansion slots, Other cases in this price range offer more space, I/O and case cables are of default color, No SATA brackets like in the original BUC, No dust filter in front, No true innovation in terms of body, different front & cover > differe
  • Only reusable expansion slot cover, Fan covers restrict some airflow