Reviewers Liked

  • Brushed Aluminum everywhere, Clean outside surfaces and design, 4 – 120mm fans included with a basic fan controller, All metal… no plastic that looks like metal here!, mATX case that can fit a full sized video card withoutmodding it!
  • Computer as Art Form !!, Dual video card support for uATX, Excellent air cooling for all components, Ideal fan layout for water cooling, Four high quality 120 mm fans included, Fan controller included, 10W max, Aluminum ODD door works w/o mods, All aluminum construction, Antivibration details throughout case, Sturdy construction, Finish doesn't show fingerprints,
  • Light Weight, well built with solid panels, Open layout design, Hard Drive Capacity
  • Single piece of Aluminum spanning left, front and right, Four 120 mm fans included, Able to hold full 120 mm tower coolers, Able to hold extra long graphics cards, just like a midtower, Can fit up to eight hard drives, Optical drive bay cover included, Internal USB 3.0, Fan controller included, Fairly quiet fans, when turned down, Antivibration measures for hard drives, Available in black or sil

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Difficult installation. Requires much more planning than a regular case, prone to rattles, needs additional foam for metal on metal of the drive bays, Front drive bezel was bent
  • Installation needs careful planning, Aluminum surface scratches easily
  • May be too large for some, Two USB 3.0 plugs would have been better, Fan controller is only able to control three fans, Ugly screws on top, No dust filters anywhere, No water cooling openings in the rear