Reviewers Liked

  • A less expensive, but modern card that can still handle gaming
  • It's a 4870with DirectX 11, Great power envelope, Practically silent, Cheap
  • Unmatched feature set, Extremely low power consumption, 1.36 TeraFLOPS for $159 (at launch), HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces, Cool, quiet operation, Requires only one 6-pin power connector, Sleek, modern looks, Most heat is exhausted outside the case
  • Excellent Performance, Good Value for Money, Comes DirectX 11 Ready, Supports Multiple Displays, Runs Cool
  • Impressive DirectX 10 performance at mainstream resolutions; same triple-monitor Eyefinity support as more expensive cards; smaller form factor, less power-hungry than the 5870

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • With only a single 6 pin power connector, you’re limited with overclocking
  • Without driver improvement, will be matched or beaten by HD 4870s
  • DirectX 11 performance can’t really be tested until more games are available later this year