Reviewers Liked

  • Modest performance
  • Good performance improvement over HD 5770, Reasonable pricing, Up to five active displays, Native fullsize HDMI output, Support for DirectX 11
  • Decent to good performance, Good overclocking headroom, Supports all AMD-features like Eyefinity, Good a relatively silent cooler
  • Attractive price. Decent performance
  • Significant speed boost over previous-gen card; outpaces competing Nvidia card in some recent games

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • A bit loud fan, Huge power consumption, Price compared to 6850
  • Noisy cooler, High power draw in Bluray playback, Requires 2x 6pin power connector, DirectX 11 relevance limited at this time, No support for CUDA / PhysX
  • Compared to the price the performance is a bit to far from the HD6850
  • Outperformed by similarly priced AMD card and cheaper Nvidia card (in certain situations). Relatively high power usage. Blocks an extra expansion slot
  • Larger, more power-hungry than AMD's higher-end HD 6850, as well as Nvidia's parallel card