Reviewers Liked

  • Large performance increase over last generation
  • Extremely quiet
  • Overclocked out of the box
  • Low temperatures
  • Native fullsize HDMI & DisplayPort output
  • Support for PCIExpress 3.0 and DirectX 11.1
  • Support for CUDA and PhysX
  • Plenty of additional GPU overclocking headroom
  • Keeps pace with $420 Radeon HD 7970
  • DirectCUII cools GPU extremely well
  • Digital DIGI VRM alloy power components
  • Best overall value for DX11 video games
  • Short profile fits into standard size computer

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Price too high to make it a clear winner
  • Small memory overclock
  • Heated air is exhausted back into computer case
  • 192bit bandwidth may potentially create bottleneck on memory intensive games