Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M 8GB


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By Express on 80

This all combines to give the best gaming experience for mobile users currently available and something worth considering when looking at what you want from your machine in the future.

By PCPer on 80

These components will easily offer double the graphics performance of notebooks that are more than two generations old. They’ll also provide access to new features, and better battery life as well. Nvidia’s GTX 980M is the perfect GPU for any mobile gamer looking to upgrade.

By laptopmedia.com on

NVIDIA has brought us the Maxwell family for quite some time now and we've gathered enough information about every GPU that's part of the new generation. With all the insight we've gathered so far, we will try to make an in-depth analysis of each GPU...

By PC Gamer on

When Nvidia announced the GTX 980M graphics card for gaming laptops, it made a bold claim: 75% of the performance of its desktop 980, which is currently the fastest single-GPU card on the market. The 680M, by comparison, delivered around 60% of the performance of the GTX 680 in 2012. That’s a huge growth for mobile GPU efficiency, if it’s true. In other words, the GTX 980M has a lot to live up...

By HotHardware on

When NVIDIA launched the powerful GTX 980 and 970 last month, it was obvious that these cards would be coming to mobile sooner rather than later. The significant leap forward that Maxwell offers in performance-per-watt means that these GPUs would shine...

International Review By cardmanhinh.com on 100

Có 2 loại PCB MXM tùy theo OEMQuay trở lại cách đây hơn tháng, chúng ta đã từng bàn rất nhiều lần về GTX 980 từ khi nó có tin đồn và cũng đã giải thích vì sao cả phiên bản trên desktop lẫn laptop đều sử dụng cùng tên GTX 980 mà không hề có thêm 1 tiền...

International Review By bitsandchips.it on

Senza ombra di dubbio l'estate che stiamo affrontando da alcune settimane porta con sé un momento di euforia nel mondo delle schede grafiche, generatosi durante la fine dello scorso Maggio con il lancio delle nuove GTX 1070 e GTX 1080 da parte di...

International Review By Jagat Review on

Komponen pada perangkat notebook / laptop biasanya dirancang untuk menggunakan daya listrik seirit-iritnya dan temperatur kerja serendah-rendahnya. Hal tersebut memang tidak aneh karena perangkat notebook / laptop harus mampu bekerja maksimal dengan...

International Review By it168.com on

战神G8-SL7S2作为顶级游戏笔记本中性价比最高的产品之一,相信从刚上市便赢得了众多神船粉丝的青睐。无论是现今移动端几乎最顶级的处理器i7-6700HQ、移动端卡皇GTX980M,还是16G超大的DDR4高速内存,或者512G超大固态硬盘,无疑为该游戏本的超高关注度奠定了基础。  我们利用战神G8-SL7S2对四款现在市场玩家占有率极大的高配置需求游戏进行测试,从FPS值测试结果上看,作为N卡卡皇的GTX 980M...

International Review By expreview.com on

NVIDIA一直为了拉近笔记本电脑与桌面PC的游戏性能差距而努力,例如移动平台上的旗舰产品GTX 980M就拥有着不输给高端桌面显卡的性能。然而从硬件规格上来说, GTX 980 M实际上比起桌面版 GTX 970 还是稍弱了一些,移动版显卡与桌面版显卡的“不对等”仍然存在。不过这样的时代已经结束,而结束这个时代的标志性产品就是 NVIDIA新近推出的移动版GTX 980显卡。移动版GTX 980显卡拥有着与桌面版GTX 980相同的硬件规格,两者之间仅有着频率上的差异。毫无疑问移动版GTX...

International Review By hardwareluxx.ru on

Независимо от того какая версия NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 установлена в ноутбуке справиться с ее охлаждением нелегко. 185-200 Вт мощности приходится отводить тепловыми трубками от кристалла после чего выбрасывать с продуваемым вентиляторами воздухом...

International Review By Hardwareluxx on

Egal welche Version der NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 im Notebook steckt: Der Grafikchip ist eine echte Meisterleistung, der aber auch die Hersteller im Hinblick auf die Kühlung vor eine Herausforderung stellt. Die 185 bis 200 W müssen von den Heatpipes und...

International Review By goldfries.com on

The nVidia GeForce GTX 980M is a stunning performer and could only be topped by GTX 970M SLI and GTX 980M SLI configurations. If you love gaming and it's your idea on how to kill time on business trips and such, you know what to...

International Review By Jagat Review on

GeForce GTX 980M memang tidak mengusung spesifikasi setinggi model desktop-nya. Akan tetapi jika melihat hasil pengujian di halaman sebelumnya dapat terlihat GeForce GTX 980M siap menghadirkan pengalaman bermain game maksimal di platform notebook/laptop....