Sapphire Radeon HD 6770 FleX 1GB GDDR5 PCIe




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By LanOC Reviews on 90

All Pages Page 1 of 8 The graphics card industry has undergone more than a few changes in the first half of 2011, including a branding shift within AMD itself. At the end of April, the manufacturer announced plans to introduce an updated version of...

By Techgage on

The Radeon HD 6770 is quite an interesting little card. Alright, it's not interesting at all - it's exactly the same as the HD 5770, after all. We pretty well knew what we were in for, but with recent driver improvements, it was still...

By Overclockers Club on

The allure of the FleX series of video cards from Sapphire is the ability to use this solution to provide a SLS (Single Large Surface) solution with a minimum of cost to get to the promised land. With Sapphire's FleX series of cards, you have the...

By Pureoverclock on

We were a bit surprised to hear about the launch of the Radeon 6770, since it came without the usual fanfare we typically see for a new model. The primary reason for this is the card is essentially a rebadged 5770, and AMD's product map confirms...

By on

Today we will be looking at the new HD 6770 Flex Edition video card from Sapphire. This is an entry-level card that currently retails for about 140 dollars on most on-line retail sites. As you will see in this review this product comes...

International Review By PCMweb on 80

De HD6770 is geen bijzondere kaart: het is een iets luxere HD5770. Echter, het is wel een interessante, scherp geprijsde videokaart voor de gemiddelde gamer die niet al te veel eisen stelt aan zijn pc . Een gamer die met minder details genoegen neemt....

International Review By 59Hardware on

A la question la Radeon 6770 est-elle assez puissante pour jouer, la réponse est oui bien sûr. Il faudra faire quelques concessions sur les détails graphiques et ne pas non plus monter trop haut en résolution. Mais en utilisant 1680x1050 pixels avec...

International Review By Hardware-Mag on

Das Unternehmen Sapphire bietet mit den FleX-Boards ein sehr großes Spektrum an, das von High-End-Modellen bis hin zum Einstiegsbereich reicht. Damit adressiert man sowohl den Enthusiasten, der mit zusätzlichen Monitoren sein Blickfeld in...

International Review By HardTecs4U on

Unsere nachfolgende Gesamtwertung bezieht sich ausschließlich auf den aktuellen Status Quo und das aktuelle Testfeld und spiegelt in der Zusammenfassung unsere Erfahrungen im Test wieder. Man gelangt mittels Klick auf die einzelne Wertungskategorie...