Reviewers Liked

  • After wearing them for hours, I don't feel any discomfort in or on my ears, Great for working, running, walking, cycling. Head bobs don't dislodge them, With audio at medium volume, you can still hear your surroundings perfectly and even participate in co
  • All-day comfort, Way less pad vibration, Google Assistant Ready, Solid battery life, Improved audio quality
  • Can seamlessly switch between a second device, Waterproof, They help you remain present, Good battery life

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Unless you use the provided earplugs, you'll still hear surrounding noises with your audio, The case is just for storage, it doesn't top them off while not in use, That means no updates, and no feature or sound personalization, At $160, these aren't cheap
  • Power button is a little mushy, "Smart" assistant isn't as useful as Fast Pair, I want configurable buttons
  • Sound quality is hollow, Your mileage may vary on how useful it is to hear the outside world