Editors Liked

  • The Motorizers feature distinctive Motorhead branding and a very rock-friendly sound; lack of a bass bump also makes them suited to most styles of music; detachable cables
  • Does not distort on deep bass at maximum volume. Deep lows and sculpted highs geared towards rock, hip hop, electronic music. Includes two detachable cables, one with inline remote and microphone

Editors Didn't Like

  • Build quality is a little cheap-feeling; the presence boost can make the headphones a little tiring to listen to after a while; they don't fold flat and so are less portable than other DJ headphones; they're plasticky and the earcups attract lint. Woul
  • Low-grade materials. Overly sibilant on certain tracks. Rubber headband is not comfortable. Half-hardwired connection point negates much of the advantage of a detachable cable