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TDK ST-800

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Expert reviews and ratings

By Tech2 on 60

The ST-800 doesn’t succeed at knocking any reputed headphones models off their thrones. However, it is a very good attempt by TDK. When it comes to build quality, some of the high-end headphones manufacturers could learn a thing or two from TDK....

By ThinkDigit on 70

The rated battery life of 12 hrs is a bit worrisome. Also, when the input is off for a long time, the headphones take a few seconds to fire up. You need to hit the EQ button on the controller to wake them up; I don’t know but I found this to be...

By 5FWD on 80

The look may give the TDK ST-800 a dated look but the tech inside is state-of-the art. If you like your music to speak volumes but not necessary at volume then you’ll love the spacious mid-tones and rounded bass these headphones have to offer. TDK...

By Channel News Australia on 80

The ST-800s make for the perfect, stylish lounge-room companion for kicking back and watching your favourite flick in solitude ? though a few pitfalls make this enticing budget-buy take on the pro-audio headset a little less appealing.The ST-800s...

By Smarthouse on 80

The ST-800s deliver great sound quality that is pushed by the large 50mm drivers that provide deep, well-rounded bass. While the bass is smooth and complementary to the other sound ranges, it'll still leave you wanting a little more if you're...

By T3 Magazine on 100

TDK is as much an icon of the eighties as Culture Club or Gordon Gecko, but this comeback from the king of cassettes is a welcome one. Instead of cheap tapes and fluro legwarmers, we have high-end headphones, with just a nod to the glory days in...

International Review By SFT - Magazin on 83

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