Reviewers Liked

  • Excellent build quality, distinctive style, +The detachable cords are a revelation in comfort, +They sound great, +Decent noise-canceling headphones, in a pinch
  • Isolating, Good with hotter mixes, Dramatic Looks, Forgiving for lower bit rate files
  • They look good, the sound is awesome, comes with a lot of accessories, very comfortable to wear, extremely durable
  • Incredibly high quality construction, Unique and stylish design with three color options, Detachable cables with optional inline mic and audio controls
  • Comfortable, Hip and Modern look, iPhone talk/control, Handy accessories and storage
  • The V-Moda Crossfade LP headphones feature an eye-catching design and solid construction that offers a comfy fit. The package includes several nice extras such as detachable cloth-covered cables, an iPhone/iPod remote and inline mic, and a stylish hard
  • The design is exceptional and fits comfortably over the users ears

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Not as good with older recordings
  • Quite expensive and the sound won't be to everyone's tastes
  • Muffled lower treble range, $249.99 price tag, Not collapsible for storage
  • Lackluster Sound Quality, Inconsistent build quality, Not collapsible/foldable
  • The Crossfade LP headphones don't offer the most balanced audio response, and they don't fold down flat for easy transport
  • Their performance is slightly lower than other options