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By Craving Tech on 90

Plantronics RIG 500HD is an excellent gaming headset with high audio and microphone quality, and powered by the best audio positioning technology. It is also light on the head and comfortable to wear for hours of gaming. I played for 5 hours non-stop...

International Review By on 88

There are two things that I love the most and that is gaming and audio with gaming being the obvious first place, but audio and gaming come hand in hand and it is important to have a good audio setup may it be a speaker system or headphones as long as...

International Review By on

We have now reached the conclusion of our little headset round-up. I went into this test with a clear goal. To find out if it really can be true that you should spend a good amount of cash to get a gamer headset or if it is worth looking at cheaper...

International Review By on

이제는 헤드셋도 조립하는 시대?! 안녕하세요 강민건담입니다. 이번에 소개할 제품은 수많은 게이밍헤드셋을 봐왔지만 특이하게도 일체형이 아닌 조립형 게이밍헤드셋 플랜트로닉스 RIG500HD 제품을 소개해볼까 합니다.간단하게 이 제품을 소개하자면 조립형 헤드셋이자 200g 밖에 안되는 가벼운 무게가 특징으로 E 스포츠 리그 (ESL)에서 공식 승인한 게이밍 헤드셋이기도 하는데요. 좋은 기회가 생겨 체험하는 동시에 리뷰를 통해 자세히 소개해드리도록...

International Review By on

Vous le savez peut-être, j'ai actuellement un Plantronics RIG (celui avec le mixeur audio) comme micro-casque de jeu. Bien que la qualité sonore soit exceptionnelle, il n'est pas exempt de défauts, notamment au niveau de son micro-perche très fragile,...

International Review By on

Игровая гарнитура Plantronics RIG 500HD хороша своим содержанием. Мы имеем отличный продукт с возможностью наслаждаться высококачественным звучанием в режиме Dolby 7.1 и вслушиваться в детали и объемное звучание. С точки зрения реализации продукт...