Ducky DK-9008 Shine 2



Ducky DK-9008 Shine 2

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By on 70

Admittedly, we had never heard of DuckyChannel International before coming across this keyboard, however, from what we can gather, it has quite the following in the Far East and is regarded as being one the best manufactures of high-quality keyboards...

By PC Advisor on 90

What do professional programmers, typists and Windows gamers all have in common? Naturally enough, it's an appreciation for a high-quality computer keyboard. Joining the ranks of respected brands like Filco, Cherry, SteelSeries and Topre is the...

By Expert Reviews on 80

Although expensive, this mechanical keyboard makes fast, accurate typing incredibly easy...

By on 76

Something that appeals to us when looking at the latest Cherry MX switch keyboards is their minimalist style. While the Logitech G19s of this world certainly offer an abundance of features, for most of us FPS types that just need WASD and a...

By Overclock3D on 60

So often when we're reviewing keyboard we have to spend an age going over the many macro recording options as that seems to be the big area of focus, and thus difference, between the keyboards available.The Ducky Channel DK9008 Shine 2 takes a very...

By on 90

If you’re new to mechanical keyboards, one thing you’d notice when you take out the Ducky DK-9008 Shine from the box is its heft; it weighs a good 1.2kg. There’s no extraneous space around its frame, so this is about as small as you can get for a...

By Play3r on

Ducky are a well known brand in the mechanical keyboard market, with a wide range of high quality and customisable keyboards, including full sized boards and TenKeyLess (TKL). They are relatively new to the European peripherals market, making their first...

By on

We have tested quite a few mechanical keyboards through the years, but these two Ducky models still managed to distinguish themselves. The succeed in this not by including lots of dedicated gaming keys or macro functions, if that's what you want you...

By GoldFries on

This is probably a brand unheard off to many but as enthusiasts, you may have come by Ducky's range of products for quite some time. They're known across the globe for their mechanical keyboards. Truth be told, I wasn't aware of this brand either as I'm...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Nur an der Ausstattung gemessen, handelt es sich bei der Shine 2 auf dem Papier um ein höchstens durchschnittliches Produkt mit ordentlichem Lieferumfang. Dass dem nicht so ist, liegt am hohen Gütelevel der Tastatur mit durchdachten Ideen, was sich...

International Review By on

Die Ducky-Tastatur Shine 2 hat – wie alle mechanischen Tastaturen - keine Kontaktfolie, die den Tastendruck an die Controller weitergibt, sondern pro Taste einen mechanischen Mikroschalter. Das wirkt sich je nach Tastatur deutlich auf das Tippgefühl aus....