Razer Orbweaver

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Razer Orbweaver

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Expert reviews and ratings

By GamingShogun on 80

Some years ago, Razer teamed up with Belkin to create the n52te SpeedPad gaming keypad. The device was very successful, and pushed the boundaries of what a gaming keypad could offer gamers. Razer ended up taking over the gaming keypad and released it on...

By PC Authority on 83

From time immemorial peripheral manufacturers have tried to reinvent the keyboard. There have been many attempts, and very few successes, the most notable of which was the Nostromo, originally developed by Belkin and Razer. The Orbweaver can be...

By IT Pro Portal on 90

Using a dedicated gaming keypad like the Razer Orbweaver is the sort of change that makes it difficult to switch back. Its comfort and support levels are significantly better than a regular keyboard – even a top keyboard like the Corsair Vengeance K90 –...

By Gaming Nexus on 90

The Orbweaver may be one of the most comfortable and convenient accessories I have used on a PC. Although designed with FPS games in mind, using the Synapse software to create custom layouts for the device for other genres has shown me its flexibility....

By WCCFTech on

First of all i would like to thank Razer for sending me the Orbweaver for testing, its a cool product but built for a limited user base. As my testing revealed that most casual and even hardcore gamers would be better off spending the $129.99 Razer's...

By LanOC Reviews on

So at the end of the day you have a couple questions to ask yourself before you pick up an Orbweaver. First, is a gaming pad something you want at all? I have known a few people who have picked them up and only a select few stick with them, I have found...

By gameranx.com on

I once developed a repetitive stress injury from using a mouse described as “ergonomic.” Perhaps prompted by Microsoft and their enticing parade of trendy but oddly designed PC accessories, the word “ergonomic” was a popular descriptor at the time....

By booredatwork.com on

Gaming is often an enjoyable pastime, taking you away from the day-to-day stresses of life. But You, yes you reading this article, are more than just the casual gamer, you study maps, guides, blogs and podcasts for every bit of an upper hand, your...

By custompcreview.com on

Alright, so after spending about 2 weeks gaming on this thing, I'd have to say that the Orbweaver (and I think the gaming keypad in general) is pretty cool, but it's a very niche product designed for a very specific set of gamers out there. From the...

By Destructoid on

Do you really need multiple methods of control outside of a mouse and keyboard? Well, in today's PC climate with the vast amount of games available at a moment's notice for pennies, it's never be a bad thing.Between bluetooth to PC Wiimote capabilities,...

International Review By razorman.net on 94

Un keypad muy específico para gamers, con una altísima calidad de materiales, excelente ergonomía pero con una elevada curva de...

International Review By Les Numériques on 80

Légèrement déroutant les premières heures, le Razer Orbweaver ne tarde toutefois pas à révéler un certain confort, qui limite la fatigue durant les longues parties. Nous apprécions donc son ergonomie, même si elle n'est pas encore parfaite, tandis que...

International Review By Nexthardware on 100

A circa tre anni dal Nostromo, il primo Keypad Razer nato dalla collaborazione con Belkin, l'azienda di San Diego ritorna sul mercato proponendo un prodotto completamente ridisegnato ed innovativo che è riuscito a colpirci profondamente. Il design unico...

International Review By targethd.net on

De tempos em tempos, recebemos aqui no TargetHD produtos que fogem da regra da mobilidade ( smartphones , tablets , notebooks, etc), e que se voltam mais para o lado dos acessórios. Nesse caso em especial, estamos falando diretamente para os gamers. O...