Reviewers Liked

  • Faster performance, better graphics, seamless switching between on-board and discreet graphics, good battery life, brilliant display, keyboard and trackpad
  • Excellent performance, Stylish looks, Great multimedia capabilities
  • Looks, Performance, backlit keyboard, sound output
  • Extremely long battery life, Good performance
  • Amazing battery life. Automatic graphics switching for best performance. Mini DisplayPort provides digital video and audio output. Option for higher-resolution glossy or antiglare screen
  • Great looks. Super-slick in use. Amazing battery life
  • Adds fast, efficient Intel Core i5, i7 processors, new Nvidia graphics, seamless switching between integrated, discrete GPUs
  • Superior design engineering. Seamless switching graphics technology. Fast Core i5 processor. Bigger battery. Illuminated keyboard. New motion scrolling multitouch gesture. Versatile touchpad. Higher resolutions with anti-glare available
  • New dual graphics subsystem, Improved graphics performance, Seamless switching between graphics chips, Significant performance increase overall, Longer battery life, Ability to output audio using MiniDisplay Port connection, New inertial scrolling

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No way to manually select just on-board graphics to save battery, some applications trigger the discreet graphics despite their undemanding nature, overheats excessively, only two USB ports, expensive
  • Slightly....overpriced
  • Feels Heavy, Average battery life, Price
  • Expensive
  • Only two USB ports
  • Pricey, especially if you spec it up. No Blu-ray drive. Awkward USB connections
  • At the top end of the price scale; still no HDMI, Blu-ray, or other high-end options
  • Expensive
  • No standard resolution/anti-glare screen option, No video adapters or Apple Remote included, No ExpressCard slot