Editors Liked

  • Stylish casing, stylus compartment, versatile in use (laptop, tablet, stand, etc.) thanks to 360 degree hinge, solid base, very good build, fingerprints are no problem, large maintenance hatch, good input devices, too dark screen, low black level but goo
  • Exceptionally sturdy design, Good keyboard and touchpad, IPS panel with overall good properties, Excellent battery runtimes, Good value (price/features, hardware), Stylus and LED-backlit keyboard in a $500 device
  • Stylish design, Solid overall performance, Strong audio

Editors Didn't Like

  • Screen unit much too sensitive for manual influences, which can cause image distortions during routine use, awkward to remove hatch, lid rocks too long, too heavy for prolonged carrying in one hand, slow card reader, only one WiFi antenna despite absent
  • A bit hefty for use in tablet mode, for example, PWM from 0 to 99% screen brightness
  • Unreliable battery life, Slow SSD, Can run hot