Editors Liked

  • Nice design. Little bloatware. Solid performer
  • Blu-ray player. Good price. Unique pattern design. Decent processor
  • Surprisingly good audio playback quality, Integrated media features work well
  • Large hard drive; fingerprint reader; attractive
  • Updated design. Well priced. Blu-ray drive
  • Quad Core Processor Helps With Multitasking, Large Hard Drive, Solid 3D Graphics Performance

Editors Didn't Like

  • No Blu-ray. Finicky mousepad. Resistant clickpad
  • Mouse pad is jumpy. Resolution doesn't support 1080p HD
  • LCD's vertical viewing angle is extremely limited, Screen contrast is poor
  • Average performance for its high-end components; short battery life for its class; jumpy touch pad; poorly located quick-launch buttons
  • Problems with 3D gaming. Tinny speakers. No media remote. Sensitive touchpad
  • Below Average Battery Life, Poor Trackpad Design With Integrated Buttons, Slow Boot Times