Reviewers Liked

  • IPS display, full HD resolution, fast SSD, mostly runs quietly, rarely gets hot
  • Matte IPS screen, Full HD resolution, SSD + HDD, Low temperatures, maintenance hatch
  • IPS display, Full-HD resolution, fast SSD, usually runs quiet
  • Outstanding design and choice of materials, Relatively light and thin, Excellent touchpad and keyboard, Variety of ports in a budget convertible, Relatively low expected price for a convertible

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Display is not very bright, under designed GPU, only one memory slot, average battery life, no maintenance openings, no keyboard illumination, no USB type C
  • Fan management, no Type-C USB, one memory bank only, mediocre battery life, slow WiFi module
  • Dark display, insufficient GPU, only one memory slot, average battery runtimes, no maintenance hatch, no keyboard illumination
  • Wobbly screen, PWM from 0 to 99% brightness, Underwhelming screen quality for the more expensive configurations