Editors Liked

  • Robust build quality,Plenty of ports,Plenty of add-ons for a variety of tasks,Decent battery life,Acceptable display,Acceptable performance
  • Easily swappable modules for all sorts of different hardware configurations, Semi-rugged laptop will stand up to long work-days, 20 hour battery life with one battery, 40 hours with two, Very bright screen is visible outdoors, Loud speakers, Plenty of co
  • Hot swappable secondary battery and SATA drive, larger touchpad than last generation, removable and replaceable keyboard, rigid IP53 certified chassis, wide range of accessories, integrated Stylus recess, loud internal speakers, very long battery life, v

Editors Didn't Like

  • Pretty bulky and with add-ons it makes for a lot to haul around,Can get pricey as you configure add-ons,The lower nit panel isn't that great in bright sunlight. If you work outside a lot, get the 1,000 nit option
  • Expensive, Proprietary modules can be expensive, Heavy, Thick
  • PWM present on almost all brightness levels, moderate-heavy uneven backlight bleeding, keyboard must be discarded if removed, downgraded MicroSD slot is slower, cannot recharge via USB Type-C, poor bass reproduction, narrow color space, display is grainy