Reviewers Liked

  • Gorgeous aluminum chassis, Strong overall performance, Beautiful 1080p touch screen, Comfy, quiet, and backlit keyboard
  • Sleek and appealing design, Sturdy and wellbuilt chassis, Display is bright with great contrast, excellent colors, and viewing angles, Good overall performance, Ports are wellplaced and easy to reach, Backlit keyboard
  • Vibrant 15.6" Display, Unique Casing, Strong Performance
  • Gorgeous design; Bright vibrant touch screen; Snappy overall performance; Booming audio

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Poor speaker placement, No SSD, Last-generation CPU
  • Highgloss and reflective display, Keyboard layout feels cramped, Slow hard drive performance given the price point, Rather short battery life
  • Inconsistent Touchpad, No SSD, ThirdGen Processor
  • Touchpad can be finicky; Poor webcam