Reviewers Liked

  • Compact, lightweight, robust, mechanical keyboard, RGB backlight, 144 Hz panel, slim display bezels, individually configurable
  • Decent IPS panel, 144 Hz, RGB backlit mechanical keyboard, lightweight, slim and robust case, narrow display bezels, individually customizable
  • Mechanical keyboard with RGB illumination, light, slim, and sturdy chassis, good Turbo utilization of the CPU, slim bezels, individual configurations, optional 144 Hz panel, optional NVMe-SSD

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • High surface temperatures, loud fans under sustained load, no Thunderbolt 3, underwhelming speakers
  • High temperatures, no Thunderbolt 3, sound quality could be better, slow Wi-Fi performance
  • High temperature & noise development, no Thunderbolt 3, no USB 3.1 Gen2, sound could be better, slow card reader, small battery