Reviewers Liked

  • Unique dual screen design, highly portable, capable CPU
  • Innovative dual-touch-screen design; better-than-expected performance; multiple onscreen keyboard layouts
  • Dualscreen form factor feels like the future, Solid manufacturing quality, Very portable
  • Speedy processor. 64GB SSD provides good transfer speeds. Very portable. Dual screens
  • Bright, responsive touchscreens, Innovative keyboards and touchpad, Good bundled touch apps, Excellent webcam

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Disappointing battery life; some awkward touch interaction
  • Runs Windows 7 with very limited touch software, Fan noise is loud and insanely distracting, Lasts only two hours on a charge
  • Runs Hot. Unbearable fan noises. Virtual keyboard is useless under a bright light and in the outdoors. Subpar battery life. No HDMI or VGA. No Ethernet port. Not an ideal eBook reader. Very expensive. Available in limited quantities
  • Short battery life, Windows 7 still touch-unfriendly overall, Slow accelerometer, Dearth of third-party touch apps, Top half runs very hot, Loud fan noise