Reviewers Liked

  • Low price tag, Basic hardware is sufficient for web surfing, minor document work
  • More attractive than the average netbook
  • Touchpad is more spacious than pads on many much larger laptops. Dirt cheap. Battery life approaches 5 1/2 hours
  • Portable & stylish design, Comfortable keyboard, Loud speakers, Above average battery life
  • Easy Grip Finish, Excellent Trackpad, Above Average Build Quality
  • Stylish EasyGrip finish in multiple colors, Long battery life, Comfortable keyboard, Relatively loud speakers, Runs cool

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Bare bones model has none of the niceties, Performance is slow
  • Slow performer
  • Incredibly slow; would happily have paid the extra $12 for another gig of RAM. Ultraflat keyboard makes touchtyping massively errorridden. We had forgotten that Windows 7 Starter Edition actually existed. Pretty darn ugly
  • Touchpad issues, Mediocre performance
  • Slightly More Expensive Than Similar Equipped Netbooks, While Battery Life Is Improved, Still Slightly Below Average For Six Cell
  • Touchpad can be oversensitive, Problems making Skype calls, Annoying Norton pop-ups