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Cyber Snipa Silencer

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Expert reviews and ratings

By LanOC Reviews on 80

Despite the mouse being a little on the light side I found the Silencer to be a pleasure to use and a great replacement for any low end gaming mouse. The amount customization available both physically and electronically are great for gaming...

By Atomic MPC on 91

Simply matchless comfort and ergonomic...

By PC Authority on 83

If you suffer from cramping at all during long gaming sessions, the Cyber Snipa Silencer is a Godsend of a product...

By PC Advisor on 80

If you're spending £44 on a mouse, it had better be special. Fortunately, the Cyber Snipa Silencer does a decent job of justifying its price tag, with a good range of innovative features, attention-seeking looks and a pleasant user experience....

By XSReviews on 90

If you're right-handed and serious about gaming, this is well worth your precious pennies. It looks great, comes brimming with a myriad of features and functions – all of which are useful – and has the technical capability to genuinely...

By The Best Case Scenario on 100

The Silencer laser mouse from is one of the best tools I've had the pleasure of using. Its size, design and potential for customization make it an easy...

By Gamers Daily News on 60

While unpacking the Cyber Snipa Silencer gaming mouse I thought it looked large, and it is. Upon measuring it I found it slightly taller than my Cyber Snipa Stinger and a lot wider, between 0.5 and 2.5cm in particular areas. As the Stinger is my ideal...

By on

I look forward to more from Cyber Snipa, but the Silencer has too many problems that are easily correctable, and which aren’t present on competing mice. Pass on this one, but don’t count them out. Cyber Snipa Silencer ...

By High Tech Reviews on

I have now been using the for about two weeks and prior to that I had been using A Razer Deathadder on one system and a Microsoft X6 which is a 2000 DPI mouse on the other system. Hands down the response of the Cyber Snipa Silencer is the most...