Kensington 64325 Expert Mouse Optical USB Trackball



Kensington 64325 Expert Mouse Optical USB Trackball

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Expert reviews and ratings

By Macworld UK on 60

The trackball mouse is designed to be an alternative to the traditional mouse, with the cursor controlled by a large weighted ball. The ball itself is approximately the size of a snooker ball, finished in a sparkly grey effect. Nostalgic memories of...

By PC Advisor on 70

We wont be replacing our mouse with this trackball version for professional work, but for users seeking an alternative hand position this Kensington Optical Expert Mouse may be just the ticket. It’s also very handy when desk space is restricted....

By MyMac on 80

Kensington Expert Mouse Optical USB TrackballCompany: KensingtonOver the years, I’ve used just about every type of mouse out there: Apple’s one-button mouse, trackballs, corded and wireless, small and large, two button up to multi-button. I even...

By ConnectReviews on 100

Ergonomics have always been a big part in our workspaces here at Carbonite Media and ConnectReviews. We’ve tried our fair share of monitor arms and various mice and ergonomic keyboards so far, but have yet to try out a trackball… until...

By ATPM on 80

Kensington took its time bringing an optical version of its venerable Turbo Mouse to market. The Turbo Mouse was the original multi-button ADB trackball, introduced back in the late 1980s with two buttons and evolving through the late 1990s into a...

By SchwarzTech on 100

This weekend I was sorting through some old books and magazines and I decided to finally put all of my Macworld issues in order. While sorting, I noticed something — on the back of almost every issue I had (dating back over 10 years), there was an...