Reviewers Liked

  • Excellent memory bandwidth, Lots of PCIebased storage connections, Thunderbolt 3 with PowerDelivery, Dual LAN and fast AC WiFi, Three PWM fan headers, RGB lighting
  • MultiStorage Options, MultiGPU Support, Thunderbolt 3, Smart Fan
  • Triple NVMe SSD Support, 3-Way SLI Support at 16x, Triple Network Connections, Great Styling, Metal Reinforced Expansion Slots, I/O and Audio Covers, Onboard PLX Switch, LED Lighting Effects
  • Good Overclocking Features and Ability, Logical Layout, RGB LED Lighting with Case Lighting Header, Up to 2-Way SLI/3-way SLI Crossfire Support, Dual U.2 Connectivity, Full 3-way 16X PCI-E 3.0 on 28 Lane i7's, Beautiful Cosmetics

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • GPUs and PCIe storage compete for bandwidth, PCIe storage connections slower than competition, No debug display, No voltage checks, No bench control or BIOS clear buttons
  • MultiGPU support has less value as Nvidia limits SLI with two cards, Price
  • No onboard power & reset buttons, Mobo heatsinks get HOT, Washed out LED colors, Some LED lights you will never see
  • No Debug LED Readout