Intel DZ77RE-75K




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By TechRadar on 70

We've been here before, haven't we? Back in the days when we were used to having bespoke ports for every device, and plugging in something new involved powering down the entire PC and restarting before it would work, a brand new port with unassuming...

By Tom's Hardware on

Expanded graphics card support, enhanced on-board features that include Thunderbolt on some models, and more-robust voltage control are all good reasons to consider paying a little extra for a higher-end motherboard. Today we examine five top choices. ...

By Ocaholic on

Have you ever wondered what a motherboard will look like after a trip in a washing machine? Well, since there are only crazy people at ocaholic it was kind of easy to find somebody to test this. And guess what: it's on tape! Check out the video, Intel...

By X-bit Labs on

By mid-summer we have already checked out the features and functionality of about half a dozen mainboards for LGA 1155 processors built on the new Intel Z77 Express chipset. We started our review series with Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe, followed with a review...

By on

In April we published a round-up of 20 motherboards with Z77 chipsets compatible with the new Intel Ivy Bridge processors. Those CPUs weren't available yet at the time so we had to do the tests with the previous generation Sandy Bridge processors....

By HotHardware on

Thunderbolt has been available on some Apple systems for over a year now and it’s been met with mostly positive results. There are also a handful of Thunderbolt compatible devices already on the market thanks to Apple’s head-start, from the likes of...

International Review By on 60

Przyszedł czas na podsumowanie - wyłożenie kawy na ławę, zebranie wszystkich wniosków i obserwacji z przebiegu testów. Jeden najistotniejszy, mimo odrobinę innego procesora i małej zmiany w procedurze testowej (większego Vcore przy podkręcaniu), nie...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Bij vrijwel alle luxe moederborden met Intel Z77-chipset moederbord wordt de Virtu MVP software van Lucid gebundeld. Deze belooft de prestaties van games aanzienlijk te verbeteren. Is dat ook zo? En wat doet Virtu MVP nu precies? Hardware.Info zocht...

International Review By on

К середине лета мы уже успели познакомиться с возможностями полудесятка новых материнских плат, которые предназначены для процессоров LGA1155 и построены на базе набора логики Intel Z77 Express. Серию обзоров мы начали с платы Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe, а...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Begin april publiceerden we een vergelijkingstest van 20 moederborden met Intel Z77 chipset, geschikt voor de nieuwe Intel Ivy Bridge processors. Op dat moment waren de processors nog niet beschikbaar en testten we de borden nog met vorige generatie...