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Expert reviews and ratings

By TechRadar on 90

Mega money mobos with features to match are all very well. But most mere mortals want a mobo that ticks all the important boxes without threatening their mortgage payments. At £70, the MSI H55M-ED55 is competitively priced for a board with...

By FutureLooks on 73

When computer folks talk about micro-ATX, it’s rarely ever an exciting subject. That’s because m-ATX systems have rarely ever thought of as a performance option with the only exception being the ASUS Republic of Gamers X58 Rampage II m-ATX...

By PC Authority on 83

The H55M-ED55 lacks a few luxuries such as DisplayPort and FireWire, but for the more ambitious home system it's a credible...

By on 85

It might seem like a case of David against Goliath, but despite its size, the H55M-ED55 bites back.Just like the Asus P7H55D-M EVO, which is a straight up competitor, the MSI motherboard design and features is well thought trough. The new “2....

By Overclock3D on 77

All in all, we were left feeling quite impressed by the little MSI board. Throughout our entire suite of tests, the H55M ED55 maintained pace with our previously reviewed Asus P7H57D EVO; a motherboard that's priced over 50% higher than the former....

By Fudzilla on

With prices falling for H55 and P55 boards now maybe a good time to purchase such a system. Of course AMD is quite close in performance and cost, but need more power under load when not under-voltaged. To buy an AMD quad-core or an Intel dual-core...

By PCPer on

We like to thank our friends at MSI for providing the H55M-ED55 for our review today. I've had the opportunity to test several MSI boards over the past two years and it seems each year they keep adding new features as well as improving the overall...

By InsideHW on

The conclusion is much the same as ever: the most expensive models are to be bought if you require additional functions such as the new generation of SATA and USB ports, mid-class models of recognised manufacturers will be bought by users which pay...

By Tom's Hardware on

There’s also the small problem that most mid-market and better microATX cases have a front-panel FireWire port, which is a controller not found on the H55M-GD55. While we can balance the fact that most people no longer use FireWire against the fact that...

By IT Reviews on

MSI has included a long list of features in the specification of this H55 motherboard. Add in superb build quality and it's no great surprise that the price is relatively high. That wouldn't be the end of the world, however the overclocking...

By AnandTech on

January 3, 2010 saw the lift of Intel's embargo on the Clarkdale family of processors and supporting H55/H57 series chipsets. Boards featuring these chipsets have been in our labs for a few weeks now, and we have been busy testing them to figure out...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Doch bevor wir zur Kaufempfehlung kommen, wollen wir noch ein paar Worte zur Sinnhaftigkeit eines Mainboards im µATX-Format verlieren. Wie die Benchmarks im Vergleich zum letzten Test der P55-Boards zeigen, liegen die Leistungswerte der kompakten...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Vier Kandidaten. Ein Chipsatz. Kein klarer Sieger. So kompliziert kann einfach sein.Doch bevor wir zur Kaufempfehlung kommen, wollen wir noch ein paar Worte zur Sinnhaftigkeit eines Mainboards im µATX-Format verlieren. Wie die Benchmarks im...