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By GadgetSpeak on 60

As usually with a Wadjet Eye game, this particular title foregoes the use of flashy, photo-realistic graphics. Instead it harks back to the days when adventure titles from Sierra, LucasArts and Revolution were all the rage. While the block graphics, and...

By Joystiq on 90

As real-life history shows, Florida's land boom was bound to crash in the mid 1920s, but only the player has the advanced knowledge that a storm is on the horizon. A Golden Wake's place as a period piece alleviates the worry that its ending outweighs Alfie Banks' journey. Rather, Banks ticks like the hand on the face of a clock, carrying players through a beautiful, and in other ways unfortunate moment in history.

By HardcoreGamer on 70

Though not the most pulse-pounding adventure on the market, A Golden Wake offers an authentic glimpse into one of the defining events of the 20th century. We see it all through the temporarily starry eyes of a man whose struggles were all too common in that time.

International Review By gameit.es on

Viajamos por negocios al Miami en auge de los años 20 a hacernos un nombre en los negocios. Pronto sabremos que en la carrera del éxito todo vale, así que saca tu labia y tus artimañas de vendedor y ponte manos a la obra en A Golden Wake.Nos ponemos en...