Editors Liked

  • Visuals impress both technically and artistically, First 10 to 12 levels are a joy to play, Fastpaced and intuitive combat system
  • Winged flight adds a new twist to MMO travel and combat; attractive visuals; PvPvE is a good incentive to slog through the grind
  • Smooth launch (for an MMO), smooth graphics, smooth gameplay
  • Deep character customization

Editors Didn't Like

  • Grinding quickly becomes an obtrusively big part of gameplay, Servers seem unable to cope with largescale PVP battles, Invisible walls make flying much less fun than it should be, Sound design is all over the place
  • Not enough quests to carry you through to endgame without having to repeatedly grind through levels
  • Did not suck me in
  • The standard quests are the same you see in every MMO