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Ankh: Heart of Osiris game

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Expert reviews and ratings

By Yet Another Review Site on 90

Ankh ? heart of Osiris is the follow up to the 2005 point and click adventure game Ankh. It is set in ancient Egypt, and follows the adventures of a young man named Assil, who was assigned the task of protecting a mysterious Ankh, which supposedly has...

By Expert Reviews on 60

After great success in the 1990s followed by years of unpopularity, point-and-click adventure games seem to be enjoying something of a resurgence. Last year saw Dreamfall, a sequel to the successful but fairly old The Longest Journey, and the...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 65

Ankh: Heart Of Osiris is a pretty good sequel to the original and well worth a try at. Heart of Osiris uses some very good humor and puzzles for an entertaining and fun puzzle...

By Play TM on 79

When you think of ancient Egypt, what are the first thoughts that youre mind conjures up? Pyramids? Check. Camels? Check. Sand? A no-brainer. How about a typically lazy teenager whos just recently escaped with his life after being damned by an evil...

By on 60

An amusing point and click adventure that leaves a distinctly average...

By IT Reviews on

pleasantly fun adventure game set in Egypt: What did the Egyptians ever do for us, eh? Nothing. Apart from building the only surviving ancient wonder of the world, the pyramids. And inventing writing (well, hieroglyphics). And black ink, paper, the leap...

International Review By I Am Gamer on 84

Damals (also vor nicht allzu langer Zeit), als wir noch am Daumen lutschend auf dem Schoß von Mami saßen, gab es ein Spiel, das uns heute noch wohlige Schauer über den Rücken jagt: „Monkey Island“. Wir habe den...