Editors Liked

  • Fantastic tactical battles, Great character selection and variety, Excellent visual design, characters and levels, Incredibly addictive 'one more game' gameplay
  • Free Mode will let you know if you enjoy the game without spending any money, Quite fun to play with friends
  • Short but intense turnbased matches that thrive on guessing opponents' moves, A cast of 21 heroes with widely different abilities and animations, Buytoplay model unlocks everything, while Free Mode doesn't feel too limiting

Editors Didn't Like

  • Tutorial stages are a waste of HDD/SSD space, The music is annoying and repetitive, The Freetoplay options are insufficient and, by some strange logic, paying for the game unlocks microtransactions
  • Terrible ingame music, Poor character design, Doesn't always feel tactical, Needs friends with voice communications to make the teambased gameplay shine
  • Current maps are too similar and too few, Minor learning curve