Batman: The Dark Knight Rises




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By on 80

T hose who know me will know that Christopher Nolan's portrayal of my favourite superhero has never been to my liking. Yes, I'm one of “those” critics. However, I have truly admired his skills at bringing Bob Kane's creation to a slightly more realistic...

By PC Authority on

Expectation is a funny thing. In theory, there can be no disappointment without first having expectation, but there are rare instances when high expectations are surpassed and the stimulating item secures a place in the hallowed halls of awesome. The...

By GameZone on

“Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Such words were haunting in 2008's The Dark Knight, especially when the film concluded with the downfall of Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face. And they re-emerge with the 2012...

International Review By TeknoKulis on 84

Son yıllarda beyazperdede ve oyun dünyasında oldukça sert esen Batman rüzgarı, hızını azaltmadan esmeye devam ediyor. Christopher Nolan'ın yönettiği yeni Batman film üçlemesinden (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight ve The Dark Knight Rises) esintiler taşıyan...

International Review By on 50

The Dark Knight has risen and set Hollywood box office records. But if you are expecting the same level of excitement from the gaming avatar of Christopher Nolan's blockbuster film, be ready for a slight letdown. The Dark Knight Rises is more of a...

International Review By on 80

¿Todavía no habéis ido a ver el cierre de la trilogía de Christopher Nolan basada en Batman? ¿Y todavía os llamáis frikis? El caballero oscuro: la leyenda renace es una de las grandes películas de este verano por méritos propios.Voy a dejar sentado desde...

International Review By on 50

El presente tomo de Batman, Amanecer Dorado, recoge los números 1 a 5 del primer volumen de la serie Batman The Dark Knight , abrúptamente finalizada tras el anuncio de The New 52 . David Finch, atraido por los cantos de sirena de DC y por la oportunidad...