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Expert reviews and ratings

By on 80

The witty writing and unique premise still make Beat Cop a street worth investigating. It has plenty of questions to post on morality (just how far would you push your agenda on the people that look up to you?) but makes it silly and accessible enough...

By ImpulseGamer on 100

5Old 'cop' school!Beat Cop is an older DOS based game that has been directly ported to the XBOX, albeit with remastered sound. This game can still pack quite a punch even for a port.It's the 1980's and you play an Detective who fell from grace in a...

By PC Gamer on 65

Half enjoyable adventure, half clunky mess, Beat Cop is a talented rookie in need of a long talk with...

By Hooked Gamers on 60

then, Beat Cop is sadly lacking in many areas. The writing is rarely funny, and the actual predicament Jack Kelly is in takes quite some time to get going. There are also some glaring spelling and translation errors to be found. The 1980s had a very...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 80

Time management meets witty, 80's inspired over-the-top cop drama with a great mix of routine tasks, unexpected action, and moral...

By CGM on 80

Beat Cop is a quiet little indie game and punches way above its weight in terms of presentation, theme, and...

By HardcoreGamer on 80

A few bugs aside, Beat Cop is a highly engrossing and addictive adventure, a cross between classic ’80s action and routine cop duty that makes for some extremely interesting gameplay as you get sucked in and even get attached to everyone in your little part of Brooklyn.

By EuroGamer on

It is clear that Pixel Crow wanted us to understand that this is a terrible existence to inhabit and while they did seriously screw up some elements of the presentation, I get where they're coming from. Beat Cop could stand a few more round of updates, however. There are still a few graphical glitches to be ironed out. But it is a game that will likely delight a sub-set of players. Unfortunately, I'm not quite one of them.

International Review By on 65

Como conclusión final os diré que, sin ser una maravilla en ningún aspecto, Beat Cop es una aventura gráfica sencilla pero sólida (aunque algo repetitiva a veces). Perfecta para aquellos amantes del género y de la década de los ochenta que quieran un...

International Review By on 65

Plutôt sympathique, Beat Cop m'a beaucoup intrigué, mais je dois bien admettre que j'ai été. Pas déçu, mais. Insatisfait du titre. Arf, c'est un entre-deux plutôt étrange. Il manque encore quelques petits détails pour en faire un excellent point'n...

International Review By on

Uno de los muchos sueños de los niños es el de ser policía cuando sean mayores. Hacer cumplir la ley, perseguir criminales y asegurar que todo el mundo está seguro es lo más próximo a sentirse un superhéroe en la vida real. Pero en realidad acaban...

International Review By on

Der Alltag eines US-Polizisten als Pixelspiel. Macht zuerst viel Spaß, artet nach dem 36. Strafzettel aber zunehmend in Arbeit...