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By Destructoid on 40

DISAPPOINTING - I feel sorry for this one. It came close to being passable, but dropped the ball too many times to prevent itself from being an embarrassment. How we score:  The Destructoid Reviews...

By Polygon on 70

Cobalt's multiplayer suggests how much more the game could be, where its versatility isn't bogged down by Oxeye's problematic enemy encounters. The new ideas Cobalt does have don't always coalesce as gracefully as they need to, but it's a surprisingly deep, and often frustrating, action platformer. It felt like playing through an old favorite and realizing it wasn't quite what you remembered —€” but kind of liking it anyway.

By EuroGamer on 80

I love the unexplained mechs, and the endless push and pull between chaos and order. I love that Cobalt often doesn't explain itself. That active reload system is not mentioned in the tutorial, for example, while loot and upgrades and throwable/ridable pets are all systems you have to prod your way through in order to make sense of them. The result is a game that you'll never truly feel you have fully got to grips with, perhaps, but it's also a game that will be able to surprise you time after time.

By on

Cobalt is a game about a roly-poly robot capable of stunning acrobatic feats, and while it bafflingly hides crucial information about this from the player, there's the possibility here of extremely advanced levels of play. I probably won't ever achieve...

International Review By Xbox Aktuell on 82

Trotz der unauffälligen Erscheinung bietet "Cobalt" einiges an Umfang und Abwechslung, wodurch der Titel in Kombination mit dem simplen und spaßigen Spielprinzip überzeugen kann. Die gleichermaßen unterhaltsame sowie optisch ansprechende Präsentation...

International Review By on 45

There's a pretty good game buried somewhere inside Cobalt, obscured by layers of poor balancing and technical glitches. The energetic combat and fun weapons make multiplayer a neat pick-up-and-play experience, but the bungled and buggy story mode just...

International Review By on 80

Jag är en söt liten robot. Vet inte riktigt vad jag ska tycka om den detaljen, men nu är det som det är. Jag är en söt liten robot med en söt liten pistol, och jag skjuter på andra söta små varelser. Eller jag försöker skjuta dem. De sliter mig i...

International Review By on

Après Minecraft, Mojang s'attaque aux jeux de plateforme en éditant un petit jeu développé par Oxeye Games répondant au nom de Cobalt. Du genre plateforme/action, le petit nouveau très attendu depuis son retour à la Gamescom 2015 révèle de nombreux...