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Crayon Physics DeluxeCompany: Hudson Entertainment There are more and more apps in the iTunes App Store that fall into the category of physics games. These are games where you draw shapes and lines on the screen to get a ball to a star, or something...

By MyMac on

Unlike cartoon heroine Penny Crayon’s artwork, the objects you draw in Crayon Physics Deluxe don’t spring magically to life. Instead they become solid, dead weights – perhaps as part of a clever pulley system or a cunningly positioned...

By Games Radar on

The game’s origins are so easily understandable it almost seems redundant to explore them. It lies at the intersection of three very clear phenomena: the popularity of stylus games (particularly thanks to the DS), the experimental idealism of...

By Gameplay Monthly on

Crayon Physics Deluxe isnt just one of the most inventive and clever puzzle games in recent years; its also a fantastic trip on the way back machine to when you were a tot, armed with a fistful of crayons and a desire to just draw. This is a...

By IGN Gear on

It's hard to think of an independent game that's been hyped more than Crayon Physics Deluxe. In March of 2008, the popular web magazine Slate ran an article about the title's grand-prize-winning appearance at the Independent Games Festival....

By Cheat Code Central on

With such a simple premise, Crayon Physics Deluxe really delivers. Using physics to manipulate the world and the objects that you create, in the attempt to get a little red ball to the star(s) to pass each level. There are some amazing levels that...

By Tech Olive on

As they always said, “there is a kid in every one of us”. It’s nothing that you should be ashamed of. And you’ll simply love Crayon Physics Deluxe. I’m not really a puzzle game lover but I love Crayon Physics Deluxe. It is...

By Craving Tech on