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DayZ is one of the most interesting experiences I've had with an indie game for the past year. I didn't get much time to play the original mod, but if it's anything similar, I would have loved it either way. The player base is interesting and quite...

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DayZ is a horrifyingly difficult walk through a post-apocalyptic world where death can be a broken bone away, medicine is the most precious commodity around, and other humans must be treated with contempt. It's a spectacular mod that manages to both...

By NowGamer on

From a safe distance, I catch a glimpse of a ‘hopper', the kind of zombie that crouches down on its haunches and leaps around like an undead frog. It's enough to put me off; I skirt around the outside of the village. I have no food or water but I'm not...

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DayZ Standalone Early Access ReviewPrice: £19.99Developer: Bohemia InteractivePublisher: Bohemia InteractiveDate Tested: 26/03/2014Note: Early Access Reviews are critical appraisals of games still in development which are charging money for player access...

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Though still an alpha release, DayZ, a zombie apocalypse mod for military simulator Arma II, already has over a million player. This article takes a peek at the phenomenon and helps sort out what sets DayZ apart from other zombie games out there.Once in...

By VR-Zone on

Jirko Alex)Die Alpha-Version von DayZ ist eine konsequente Weiterentwicklung der Modifikation in beinahe allen Bereichen. Sie ist anspruchsvoller, stärker auf den Überlebenskampf fokussiert, bietet mehr Möglichkeiten für ein individuelleres...

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Dieses fällt nicht so gut aus, wie es sein könnte was nicht heißt, dass uns die Mod nicht gefallen hat. Alles in allem spielt sich die Mod wirklich anders und ist, um die anfängliche Frage zu beantworten alles andere als ein Zuckerschlecken, sondern...

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