Reviewers Liked

  • Charming story, Great storybook look, Pleasant narration
  • Storybook visuals, Fantastic soundtrack, Story/narration, Coop puzzle design, Fasttravel system
  • Outstanding visuals - Stands out from all the competition, The majority of puzzles are well thought out and inventive, You can't go wrong with a good ol' fashioned collectathon, Visuals never impair the actual gameplay experience - it's pretty without imp
  • The art design is fantastic. Environments are vibrant, lush, and give tons of life to an area lacking in inhabitants. One of the prettiest things to look at is when the color palettes from each of the main character's come together and then break apart. I

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Far too many bugs, Puzzles are of uneven quality, Too many great platformers to overlook the faults here
  • Characters randomly get stuck, Awkward playing alone
  • No online as of right now - should be added in the near future, The A.I is hopeless - any kind of obstacle bewilders their poor mind, The platforming is very weak - having these precision puzzles with loose feeling movement isn't a good combination