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Everybodys Gone to the Rapture

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Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Gamer on 79

A leisurely stroll through a beautiful apocalypse. Rapture is stirring and heartfelt, but may be too slow and hands-off for...

By HardcoreGamer on 70

It’s a shame that Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture falls for the trap of slowing players down to force engagement because it does the exact opposite. There’s plenty to latch onto here, but the slow movement speed and technical problems distract from the otherwise moving story.

By Bit-tech.net on 85

I grew up in a village like this, nestled instead on the south coast rather than middle England. Yaughton immediately feels like home: the tiny doctors surgery, the frisbee lost to the ages on top of a shed. The absence of people has done nothing to...

By Stuff on 100

The definition of what constitutes a game has been stretched and twisted no end over the last few years.It's largely as a result of games such as Telltale's Walking Dead and Game of Thrones series, in which the story is only occasionally broken up by...

By Games Radar on 90

There is a run button in The Chinese Room's cerebral Shropshire-based exploratory story. You won't need it. The idea here is that you'll take the time to drink in the world you're exploring, actively reading the clues ushering you towards...

By brisbanetimes.com.au on

Let's play Rocket League: soccer gets turbo-chargedPinball wizards wrestle at NSW championshipsPlease Log in to update your video settingsThe apocalypse has come to a quaint English town, leaving lone survivor Kate chasing ghosts to piece together what...

By eurogamer.net on

One of the most dexterous words in English literature is things . Being flexible and useful is the entire point of a word like things , of course, but still: watch it sing in a book like I Capture the Castle or Cold Comfort Farm. Shall I clear away the...

By kotaku.com on

The insult of “walking simulator,” lobbed at video games whose strongest elements are exploration, discovery, and story, misses its intended target. It conjures something more like Bennett Foddy's QWOP. Then again, we all know what the term means by...

International Review By techtudo.com.br on 88

Não há dúvidas de que Everybody's Gone to the Rapture não é destinado para qualquer tipo de jogador. A jornada interativa não proporciona uma jogabilidade memorável – que chega até ser monótona – é verdade, mas surpreende com visual deslumbrante, clima...

By CriticalHit on 60

It's undeniably beautiful, but the eerie, uncanny calm in the fictional Shropshire village of Yaughton portents a running theme; one of sadness. It all starts innocuously enough. For whatever reason – it's never explicitly stated – you're caught in the...

International Review By Gamezoom.net on 90

Für nur 20 Euro – für PS+ Mitglieder sogar günstiger – ist Everybody's Gone to the Rapture sein Geld auf jeden Fall Wert. Wir finden uns in einer Geschichte die nicht nur jenseits der Fünf Stunden Marke liegt, sondern außerdem durchdacht, tiefgründig...

By in.ign.com on 80

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture excels at building a dense world, evocative tone, and rich cast of characters. Its five hours are filled with some really great exploration, discovery, and memorable moments. Piecing together its web of heartbreak, loss,...

International Review By gamestar.de on

Mirco Kämpfer@MirCommanderIch mag durchaus Spiele mit einer simplen Mechanik, bei denen die Geschichte im Vordergrund steht. Ich mag den Stil und das Setting von Everbody's Gone to the Rapture, doch mit der offenen Spielwelt habe ich so meine Probleme....

International Review By eurogamer.de on

Wenig Spiel, geringes Tempo, dafür aber eine clever strukturierte, häufig poetische und oft ergreifende Meditation über Leben und...