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Expert reviews and ratings

By Gamers Daily News on 70

Since MMOs often appeal to every gamer differently we thought it would be cool to get you more than one perspective on Fallen Earth. So we sat down both Shane Dickson (Oregon Slacker) and Thomas DuBois (InsanityPlee) in front of their computers and...

By ImpulseGamer on 75

While it may not look like the best game on the block, Fallen Earth from Icarus Studios takes up the banner for the world destroyed by some holocaust. With a pretty high learning curve for some of the controls it may take a bit for some players to...

By Diehard GameFAN on 87

I think it is necessary for a game to evolve in order to be successful and I think Fallen Earth has that ability. I think its worth buying and as long as you can get a few friends to join up with you stand a good chance of seeing the game improve. If...

By BrightHub on 80

The biggest new MMO to land on the market is Icarus Studios' Fallen Earth and it's time to find out if it can manage as the new WoW killer of this generation. Take A Tour Through The WastelandIcarus Studios and developer Fallen Earth really went...

By Games Radar on 60

Fallen Earth is essentially Fallout: the MMORPG. But then in some key respects, it’s definitely not. Icarus Studios’ ambitious online roleplayer is a game suffering from an identity crisis.In terms of setting, the Fallout series is an...

By Tech Olive on 60

Today is a look at a new MMO that has quietly slipped onto the scene known as Fallen Earth. There hasn’t been much hype over this game and it’s been under the radar, but with an intuitive-looking genre mix and combat mechanic, it’ll be...

By Gaming Daily on

Unfortunately it looks as though crafting is an integral part of Fallen Earth. I’m told that the best items in the game must be crafted. That’s a shame, because crafting is remarkably unexciting, and the opposite of the kind of adventures I want...

International Review By PlayMassive on 78

MMORPGs zu beurteilen fällt nicht immer leicht. Besonders in diesem Fall. Zunächst erschien uns Fallen Earth als gut gemeinter Versuch eines kleinen Entwickler Studios ein MMORPG auf die Beine zu stellen. Allerdings stellte sich nach einigen...