FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012



FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012

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By Pocket-lint on 60

There’s plenty to whinge about, especially with 24 of the 52 represented teams not actually having official licences - and, therefore, made-up kits and player names - but it’s a nice, if pricey, addition to the best football game on the planet. And...

By on 65

The price-point of UEFA Euro 2012 places it at the high-end of downloadable content, and simply it doesn’t offer enough to justify this weighty price-tag. When you think that once upon a time it may have been released as a standalone boxed title, it...

International Review By on 80

Uefa Euro 2012 é uma expansão para Fifa 12 que conta com todas as seleções da competição atualizadas, com seus respectivos uniformes, disputando partidas nos estádios oficiais. Infelizmente, o DLC não traz melhorias na jogabilidade, mas essas novidades...

International Review By on 69

von Riad Oelschlägel Ganz ehrlich: UEFA Euro 2012 braucht eigentlich kein Mensch. Weder an der Spielmechanik noch an der Präsentation haben die Entwickler gefeilt. 29 der 53 spielbaren Nationalmannschaften sind nicht lizenziert und ein schnelles...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Wer zumindest eine kleine Weiterentwicklung erwartet hat, wird von „UEFA Euro 2012“ enttäuscht: Abgesehen von einigen Kleinigkeiten und dem gelungenen aber ebenfalls nicht sonderlich innovativen Expeditionsmodus liefert EA hier „FIFA 12“ mit...