Reviewers Liked

  • Layered level design allows for a nice mix of speed, combat, and platforming, Characters stand apart from one another, encouraging you to approach stages in different ways, Large-scale bosses are challenging and rewarding to defeat
  • Beautiful, authentic visuals, Fast, exciting gameplay, Silky smooth performance
  • Fast and fluid gameplay, Quirky characters and fantastic levels, Several playable characters encourages replayability, Classic Sonic the Hedgehog feel
  • Fast, satisfying platforming. Gorgeous 16-bit graphics. Tons of variety

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Story is unremarkable and uninteresting, Weak voice acting creates a multitude of cringeworthy moments, Milla is not fun to play
  • Adventure mode scenes are slow and uninteresting, No new features, Voice acting feels off
  • Overly cute, occasionally cringe-worthy voice acting