Reviewers Liked

  • It’s the closest you’re going to get to a firstperson Diablo
  • Unique class system, Item modification owns, Looks really good
  • Fluid Combat, Unique Item Content, Addictive Core Content
  • Gameplay can be supremely addictive because of the way it lets you collect tons of items and upgrade your gear, Goodlooking graphics, especially on DirectX 10 machines
  • A modern take on the action RPG, Looks great in most places, Easy to get into and with plenty of depth, Quick, punchy missions so you don’t lose track, Loads of the usual RPG character levelling and skills
  • Enjoyable combat; varied classes; tons of fun randomized loot; decent storyline; fun single-player campaign

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Poor inventory trading mechanism; server glitches force you to restart from your last save
  • Has framerate issues, Level design sucks
  • Buggy as Hell, Rough Around the Edges, Lack of Skills and Classes
  • Most ranged weapons really lack "oomph", Plenty of technical glitches can get in the way, Story is clumsy and not written or conveyed very well
  • You can’t take your SP character online, Randomly generated levels start to feel a bit ‘samey’, Linearity of missions might not suit everyone
  • Badly implemented multiplayer component; bugs, slowdowns and crashes; randomized levels; boring quests